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Posted By Legal Team | March 28 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

How Safe Are Driverless Cars?

Driverless cars have long been a fixture of futuristic science-fiction novels and movies, but the future is now in the United States and around the world as car manufacturers race to embrace this technology and improve upon the existing safety record. Every manufacturer wishes to be the first to launch an autonomous vehicle that’s safer…

Posted By Legal Team | March 28 2023 | Medical Malpractice

Who Can I Sue for Medical Malpractice?

We trust our healthcare providers with our very lives and always expect them to act in our best interests when we come to them for medical treatment, surgeries, or procedures. But when a healthcare provider’s negligence or mistake causes you to sustain an injury or worsened medical condition, that provider is responsible and must compensate…

Posted By Legal Team | March 23 2023 | Personal Injury

E-Bikes Are Growing in Popularity But Safe Riding Is Key

The number of electric bikes (e-bikes) on our streets may soon increase if the Illinois state legislature passes a proposed e-bike rebate bill. Illinois State Representative Kam Bucker (D-26th) has been working on the bill, HB3447, for the past two months. The legislation would provide a discount to residents who buy an electric bicycle. In addition…

Posted By Legal Team | March 6 2023 | Personal Injury

Ohio Freight Train Derailment Raises Train Safety Concerns

In the coming weeks, the federal government is expected to decide on a proposed $31 billion rail merger between Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern that will bring more freight traffic through the Chicago area. Their decision could be favorable even after a freight train derailment three weeks ago in East Palestine, Ohio, raises concerns…

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