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Posted By Legal Team | April 30 2021 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Number of rideshare accidents traffic deaths increase by 2-3 percent

Most urban dwellers are familiar with rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft as a convenient alternative to driving their own cars, taking public transportation, biking and walking. With a rideshare account, you can request a ride 24 hours a day, seven days a week in any city where they operate. Despite the obvious benefits and…

Posted By Legal Team | April 22 2021 | Firm News, Mass/Class Action

Report Shows Trump Officials Obstructed Investigation Of Sterigenics Plant for Cancer-Causing Emissions

News broke this month that a senior official in the Trump administration instructed Chicago-based environmental regulators not to investigate the Sterigenics medical sterilization plant in suburban Willowbrook for charges that it released cancer-causing ethylene oxide into the air, according to a report from the EPA inspector general. Ethylene oxide is a volatile, easily absorbed chemical…

Posted By Legal Team | April 15 2021 | Birth Injuries, Firm News

Brachial Plexus Birth Injury Paralysis May Require Lifelong Care

Brachial plexus birth injury (BPBI), the leading cause of infants’ upper extremity paralysis, is a condition affecting the nerves responsible for muscle control and sensation in the shoulder, arm, forearm, hand and fingers. It is the single most common birth injury and occurs in 1 to 3 per 1,000 births. Infants who have mild nerve…

Posted By Legal Team | April 10 2021 | Bicycle Accidents, Firm News

A look at Cook County’s new bike infrastructure plan

Many in Illinois choose alternate forms of transportation, especially in areas with higher levels of traffic and congestion. You may be one who chooses to ride your bike for exercise, enjoyment or transportation, but you also know this can be risky. Many do not know how to properly share the road with people on bikes,…

Posted By Legal Team | April 9 2021 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

Which Occupation Has the Most Fatalities?

Some jobs are more dangerous and have a higher risk of fatal injuries than others. You may think that being a firefighter, police officer or construction worker is the most dangerous, but in Illinois at least, work that requires driving a small or large truck to deliver goods is number one. According to the Bureau…

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