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What To Do After a Train Accident

Trains and other forms of public transportation allow people to move easily and safely throughout the Chicago area, as well as to destinations across the U.S. Yet train accidents, like in other forms of public transportation accidents, can and do occur.

Because of the size and speed of the average train, any accident can seriously injure or kill dozens of people at once.

Train accidents, including derailments, collisions and railroad crossing accidents can happen for many reasons, including driver error and equipment malfunction. Whatever the type or cause, train accident survivors are usually facing the worst circumstances of their lives.

First Steps To Take After a Train Accident

In the immediate aftermath, passengers should listen to all announcements and follow the directions given by the train personnel. They should attempt to escape the train safely and quickly, either through an emergency exit, emergency door release switch or an emergency exit window.

Make sure that emergency services and the police have been contacted. Seeking medical attention is important even if you don’t have obvious signs of injuries. Some injuries, like whiplash and back injuries, can take days and weeks to develop.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

The final step is to consult with an experienced train and public transportation attorney as soon as possible because you may be entitled to money damages in a personal injury lawsuit. Smith LaCien attorneys can advise you of your rights, communicate on your behalf with insurance companies, and advocate to get you the compensation that you need and deserve, including future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent disability or disfigurement, and property damages.

At Smith LaCien, one of our first steps is to determine the cause or causes of the accident. A train company has a legal duty to fulfill the necessary standards of care and cleanliness before welcoming passengers on board. If any of those duties has been breached, there may be grounds for a lawsuit. An attorney also has a duty to provide aggressive legal representation of an injured person or the family of someone who died in an accident.

A qualified train accident lawyer will be fully knowledgeable about the common carrier laws which regulate vehicles that transport people or goods for payment. They will also have knowledge of the Positive Train Control Enforcement and Implementation Act of 2015, which was fully implemented by its statutory deadline on December 31, 2020. On December 29, 2020, the Federal Railroad Administration announced that PTC technology was in operation on all 57,536 required freight and passenger railroad route miles in the country.

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