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Results Matter!

Our attorneys have a demonstrated track record of success for our clients:

$1.55 Billion Settlement

Class Action: Product Liability
Todd Smith of Smith LaCien, LLP, is co-lead counsel in this multi-district partial settlement which continues against the automobile companies who sold autos with defective Takata-manufactured airbags.

$93 Million Settlement

Aviation: Plane Crash
Smith LaCien lawyers co-counseled with Kreindler and Kreindler of NY, on behalf of victims of an international plane crash.

$19 Million Verdict

Truck Collision
Obtained a $19+ million jury award for the wrongful death of a 29-year old tow truck driver. Smith LaCien LLP is experienced in both truck accidents and wrongful death suits.

$8 Million Settlement

Helicopter|Product Liability
Our client was the family of the pilot of a helicopter that died in an unwitnessed crash. The reconstruction of this product liability case showed that ball bearings in the tail rotor jammed, causing the driveshaft to fracture, resulting in the inability to control the aircraft.

$10 Million Settlement

Drug Liability
Our 74 year old client suffered an adverse reaction to a pharmaceutical product, resulting in blindness. At Smith LaCien LLP, we handle both individual and class action suits in the field of drug and medical product liability.

$20 Million Settlement

Medical Malpractice
Obtained a major settlement for a college student who suffered brain damage while undergoing heart surgery. Smith LaCien LLP are leaders in the field for cases of medical malpractice.

$18.5 Million Settlement

Brain Injury
A young woman who was a movie extra during the filming of a car crash stunt in “Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon,” suffered traumatic brain injury. We were able to win a settlement for the client of $18.5 million.

$17.6 Million Verdict

Financial Malpractice
Obtained a record verdict for our client who suffered loss due to financial malpractice and accounting errors. Smith LaCien LLP brings a wealth of experience to financial liability, fraud, and financial malpractice cases.

$17.5 Million Settlement

Automobile Collision
We obtained this settlement in a case for a college student who sustained brain injuries by reconstructing the crash sequence that occurred at night on a local interstate highway.

$9.5 Million Settlement

Bicyclist Collision
Against city of Chicago for street defect causing head injury to male bicyclist.
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