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A truck suddenly stopped, unexpectedly, and without cause. The car behind them slides under the cargo truck, with the windshield striking the edge of the trailer. The results in these cases are often devastating. Our Chicago underride accidents attorney can help you navigate your rights if you are the victim in a case like this. At Smith LaCien LLP, our Chicago truck accident attorney is committed to pursuing compensation for all the losses you are facing.

How Underride Accidents Occur

An underride crash occurs when a vehicle slides under the body of a larger truck, often between the wheels of the truck. This can happen at the side of the truck or the rear of the truck. They can happen in a variety of situations:

  • The driver of the car is not paying attention
  • The truck driver stops the vehicle without any reason to do so
  • A malfunction of the vehicle causes the truck to stall out

Most trucks today are designed with components on the back and sides to limit these accidents from occurring. Bars, for example, against the back at the position of the car’s bumper help to stop the car sooner, minimizing the risk of it moving under the car.

Why You Need an Underride Attorney

Proving that the truck driver was responsible for an underride accident can be challenging especially if they were stopped when this occurred. Working with an underride accident attorney in Chicago can help you obtain the legal guidance you need to navigate this process with more success.

Underride accidents cause serious injury and often result in death. Because of the difference between the car and the truck, it is very common for airbags to deploy, injuries to the head and chest to happen, and even for fires to break out. Many times, this leads to complicated head and neck injuries or fatalities.

Attorneys and insurance adjusters for the trucking company know how to reduce the compensation paid out in these cases. They bring with them an arsenal of tools to prove that you were at fault. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can minimize that risk and get any compensation owed to you.

Consider What Is on the Line in an Underride Accident

When these devastating accidents occur, the results can be incredible:

  • A person may die
  • They may be unable to walk due to spinal cord damage
  • Long-term recovery is often necessary
  • There may be amputations or disfigurements involved
  • Long-term medical care and one-on-one support are extensive

All of these factors build up to a very important case. As trusted Chicago injury attorneys, we do everything we can to minimize the risk that you will not get the compensation owed to you. This is essential since you may need financial help for ongoing surgeries or long-term help with your day-to-day life expectations.

When you are the victim in a case like this, turn to our Chicago underride accident attorneys for one-on-one support. At Smith LaCien LLP, our accident lawyers in Chicago take pride in fighting for our clients’ full and fair compensation. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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