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Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have become more popular than standard taxi services. They are a convenient and often cheaper way of getting around the city. However, just as with any other modern convenience, there are some risks attached to using ride-sharing services. If you have been injured as a passenger, pedestrian or motorist in an accident involving a ride-sharing vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury.

Our skilled lawyers, such as our pedestrian accident attorneys in Chicago can help you find out if you have a claim as a pedestrian injured by an Uber or Lyft. However, cases involving ride-share vehicles can be complex because of the way they operate. While ride-share drivers are independent contractors responsible for their actions, ride-share companies also owe a duty to protect their customers. If you have been involved in an accident with a ride-share vehicle like Uber or Lyft, let the experienced Chicago personal injury lawyers at Smith LaCien LLP help you make sense of your situation and get the financial compensation you need to cover your damages.

Why Choose A Chicago Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyer From Smith LaCien?

  • Smith LaCien LLP is a group of experienced Chicago personal injury lawyers with a track record of achieving exceptional client results.
  • We have secured more than $2.5 billion in verdicts and settlements with more than 100 cases that exceed $1 million, including a $17.5 million settlement in an automobile collision case.
  • We have a demonstrated track record of results for our clients and our reputation for results has been recognized by major media outlets.

If you have been injured in an accident involving an Uber or Lyft vehicle, we can help you hold the responsible parties accountable for your damages. Every case at Smith LaCien LLP starts with a free, no-obligation consultation, and personal injury claims are handled on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay nothing if your case does not yield results. Take the first step and call (312) 509-8900 to schedule your free consultation.

Who is Responsible for Your Chicago Uber or Lyft Accident Injury?

If you have been injured in an accident involving a ride-share vehicle, you may be wondering who is responsible for your damages. Is the driver responsible or is it the ride-share company’s responsibility? Generally, because ride-share drivers are not employees of the ride-share company, the drivers are responsible for any damages resulting from their negligence or wrongdoing. However, there may be circumstances where the ride-share company may be held responsible for its failure to protect its customers. The experienced Chicago truck accident attorneys at Smith LaCien can help you in the case of a truck accident while in an Uber or Lyft.

Every ride-share driver is required to have the minimum auto insurance coverage for their vehicle in addition to the supplemental insurance policies that the ride-share companies provide. When the ride-share driver is off the ride-share platform or offline, they are covered by their personal vehicle insurance. When they are available on the platform, waiting for a ride request, en route to pick up riders, or transporting riders, they are covered by the ride-share company’s supplemental insurance.

The insurance policy limits will vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. Your Chicago Uber and Lyft accident lawyer can assess your case and determine who is responsible for your damages and how to recover your compensation from them.

If there was a death involved in your accident, our wrongful death attorneys in Chicago will have your back through the whole claim.

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If you have been injured in an accident with a ride-share vehicle, you need the services of a skilled lawyer to help you recover full compensation for your damages. The dedicated Chicago accident lawyers at Smith LaCien LLP have successfully recovered damages for people like you who have been injured in automobile accidents. We understand how important it is for you to get the compensation you deserve and use our best resources to ensure that we protect your interests.

We offer free, no-obligation consultations to accident victims and their families. We also handle cases on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay us anything unless we obtain results. To learn more about how we can help, call us at (312) 509-8900 or contact us using our online form.

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