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Posted By Legal Team | March 23 2023 | Personal Injury

E-Bikes Are Growing in Popularity But Safe Riding Is Key

The number of electric bikes (e-bikes) on our streets may soon increase if the Illinois state legislature passes a proposed e-bike rebate bill. Illinois State Representative Kam Bucker (D-26th) has been working on the bill, HB3447, for the past two months. The legislation would provide a discount to residents who buy an electric bicycle. In addition…

Posted By Legal Team | March 6 2023 | Personal Injury

Ohio Freight Train Derailment Raises Train Safety Concerns

In the coming weeks, the federal government is expected to decide on a proposed $31 billion rail merger between Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern that will bring more freight traffic through the Chicago area. Their decision could be favorable even after a freight train derailment three weeks ago in East Palestine, Ohio, raises concerns…

Posted By Legal Team | May 4 2022 | Firm News, Personal Injury

Embrace the orange when driving through work zones

Those bright orange signs and striping lines that designate a roadway work zone are popping up everywhere. They warn motorists to slow down and use caution but can challenge and frustrate even the safest drivers. Drive too fast or recklessly through a zone, and you can endanger yourself, your passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Even the…

Posted By Legal Team | April 29 2022 | Firm News, Personal Injury

Can I get compensation if I get hurt riding CTA trains or buses?

When you hop on a train in the morning on your way to work or get on a bus to take you across the city, you are likely most concerned with whether everything is running on schedule and what time you will arrive at your destination. You may not give much thought to whether you…

Posted By Legal Team | April 25 2022 | Firm News, Personal Injury

Make way, Chicago, for 4,000 electric scooters!

In early May, Chicago is set to receive some 4,000 rentable, stand-up electric scooters for use by the public. The arrival is good news for environmentally conscious people who want to get around quickly and inexpensively. But will the entrance of so many scooters lead to more traffic accidents? The city says it has already…

Posted By Legal Team | March 6 2022 | Firm News, Personal Injury

Can I file a lawsuit against a road rage driver?

When sharing the road with other drivers, you are vulnerable to the actions and decisions of those around you. For example, if another driver chooses to text and drive, you could end up hurt in an accident caused by his or her negligent actions. In the same way, an aggressive driver is more likely to…

Posted By Legal Team | July 29 2021 | Firm News, Personal Injury

Will medical bills hurt my credit score?

A serious accident can lead to a cataclysmic health crisis. From a jogger who is hit by a distracted driver to a high-speed highway collision caused by an impaired motorist, these accidents can leave people struggling with brain damage, multiple fractures, spinal cord trauma, paralysis and amputation. Unfortunately, these catastrophic injuries often lead to overwhelming…

Posted By Legal Team | June 7 2021 | Firm News, Personal Injury, Product Liability

Bubble Balls May Provide False Security that Leads to Accidents

Bubble balls are one of several inflatable toys that have become popular in recent times. Whether they’re used as entertainment at a child’s party or in an organized bubble ball soccer tournament, the sport is designed to be fun for the players, whatever their athletic ability and age. In a party setting, the experience is,…

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