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Chicago Box Truck Accidents Lawyer

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Boxtruck accidents occur for multiple reasons, often due to the inexperience or mistakes of a truck driver. As experienced Chicago box truck accident lawyers, we recognize the severity of these cases. Expect our Chicago truck accident attorney at Smith LaCien LLP to fight for your compensation for any losses you have due to these accidents.

Recognizing the Dangers of a Box Truck Accident

A box truck is a large vehicle. They tend to have high sides and a square body shape. Most of the time, there are no windows in the cargo area, though they have two doors that swing open in the rear. Most are about 12 to 22 feet in length but can be as tall as 13 feet. Most often, these trucks are used to deliver products or services to businesses. Boxtrucks are dangerous for numerous reasons:

  • They may not be driven by highly skilled drivers. Though these drivers may need to have some training, they do not have specific credentials as are common with much larger trucks.
  • The size of a box truck and the size of a passenger car are very different. That means that a car can slide under the box truck or may be struck with serious force, causing significant injury. The weight of these trucks is also a factor in the overall damage they can cause.
  • Boxtrucks tend to be substantial blind spots or areas where the driver cannot see well out of mirrors. This makes it easier for the truck to switch lanes, colliding with a car in doing so.
  • These cars may not be loaded properly. The cargo could come out of the back of the truck, but in other cases, the damages may be due to the truck skidding or stopping hard. They may roll over as well.
  • They can also be significantly unstable. High winds, for example, can push the truck (especially one that is empty) into traffic.

For all of these reasons, car accidents with box trucks must be taken seriously. The damage they cause is substantial and the outcome can be devastating to victims. Speak to an accident lawyer in Chicago to learn more.

How Our Chicago Boxtruck Accident Lawyers Help You

We do not encourage you to settle a claim with the box truck insurance company without first speaking to an attorney about your case and what occurred. This will give you the best ability to ensure you file a full claim for all losses you suffered.

Our injury lawyers in Chicago also provide clients with hands-on support navigating the insurance claims process. Many times, these types of claims can be refuted, and the insurance adjuster may try to push the blame onto you in some way. We want to minimize this risk. Most importantly, you deserve compensation to help you pay for your losses.

If you were hurt in an accident with these vehicles, we encourage you to contact our Chicago box truck accident lawyer to discuss your legal options. Let us fight for full and fair compensation for all of your losses. Call Smith LaCien LLP now for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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