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Chicago Truck Driver Error Lawyer

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At Smith LaCien LLP, our Chicago truck driver error lawyer can help you find out what happened in your accident. Truck drivers are highly trained professionals who have hands-on knowledge of the proper methods to navigate the street with other vehicles without causing damage to others. Yet, some drivers make mistakes that lead to costly losses for victims, which is why you should consult with a Chicago truck accident attorney.

Common Truck Driver Errors We Represent

If you are in a car accident with a truck, our Chicago injury attorneys can help you. We handle all types of truck-related accidents, including common errors such as the following:

  • Driving under the influence: In the case of many truck drivers, this may not be alcohol but prescription or illicit medications that make it hard for them to react properly when operating a vehicle.
  • Drowsy driving: There are federal regulations in place to minimize the risk of drivers being behind the wheel for too long, which can cause them to be more prone to making mistakes.
  • Speeding: Many truck drivers are tasked with reaching destinations with very exacting timelines. When this happens, it can put other drivers and passengers on the roadway at risk, especially if that truck cannot stop fast enough.
  • Driving distracted: Truck drivers should not use a phone, navigational systems, or other distracting tools in a vehicle while they are operating it. Doing so puts everyone at risk.
  • Improper security checks: Before they get on board, truck drivers are tasked with checking to ensure their vehicle is roadworthy. This includes checking to ensure the truck’s cargo is secured properly.
  • Failing to signal when switching lanes: Many trucks have very large blind spots or areas where they cannot see. If the truck driver does not properly signal about lane changes or check blind spots, they can cause serious injury to another driver.
  • Not maintaining the vehicle: All trucks on the road need to be properly maintained. In particular, this includes brakes, lights, and tires, some of the most common areas of truck accidents. Failing to maintain the truck can make for an expensive level of loss for the victim.

When it comes to these types of truck errors, the results can be deadly. If a truck moves into a lane without checking a blind spot, it could cause serious injury to another vehicle. When a driver is tired behind the wheel, they may not be able to stop fast enough if the road conditions change or traffic backs up.

It is our goal, as your Chicago accidents attorney, to ensure we understand not just what errors occurred, but why. This allows for our legal team to ensure you pursue the proper at-fault parties to recover damages owed to you.

Let Our Chicago Truck Driver Accident Attorneys Help You

With the help of our Chicago truck driver error lawyer, you can minimize the risk that you suffer from serious financial losses after your accident. Contact Smith LaCien LLP now to set up a free consultation to discuss your case with an attorney who cares.

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