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Falls a Leading Cause of TBI Among Seniors

Posted By Legal Team | October 3 2023 | Brain Injuries

Falls are a major cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in the U.S., affecting the elderly more than any other age group, according to our Chicago brain injury lawyers. 

Seniors lose their balance more easily and fall off a ladder or slip on the ice more readily and lose the spring in their step. Some 80% of falls account for almost half of emergency department visits for brain injuries. People older than 65 and children under age 17 experience the most fall-related TBIs, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

An estimated 1.5 million Americans survive a traumatic brain injury. Of these, approximately 230,000 are hospitalized. In 2021, over 69,000 TBI-related deaths occurred in the U.S.

What is a TBI?

A traumatic brain injury affects how the brain works. It may be caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or a penetrating injury such as a gunshot wound to the head. You may remain conscious but feel dazed or have visual changes, headaches, neck pain, or other changes in cognitive function.

Brain injuries resulting from falls can range from mild concussions to severe traumatic brain injuries. The effects can be immediate or manifest themselves over time. More serious falls can lead to bleeding, bruising or even brain tissue damage. The consequences may include cognitive impairments, motor skill deficits and changes in personality or behavior that lead to a lasting disability.

The Economic Toll

The economic toll of brain injuries is extensive, impacting not only healthcare systems but also individuals and families. These costs include medical treatments, rehabilitation, lost productivity and ongoing care.

Many brain injury survivors require long-term rehabilitation to regain lost skills or adapt to new ways of living. This includes physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and psychological counseling. Severe brain injuries may necessitate full-time care, either from family members or hired caregivers. This places emotional, physical, and financial burdens on the caregivers and can affect their own employment and well-being.

Filing a Lawsuit

People with TBI are frequently involved in litigation with claim compensation proceedings because another person was partly or wholly at fault for causing the injury. If you sustain a brain

injury in an accident or because of another party’s actions, you might be entitled to compensation.

The elements of a negligence claim are:

  • The party owed you a duty of care.
  • Breach of duty of care.
  • The breach was a direct and proximate cause of your injury.
  • You sustained damages and losses as a result of your injury.

The role of a Chicago personal injury attorney in this process is to act on behalf of their client and negotiate fair compensation for damages. This means they will do the research, handle the legal paper

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