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Posted By Legal Team | December 18 2020 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

It’s Full Steam Ahead for Autonomous Trucks, But Are they Safe?

While self-driving cars aren’t ready to hit the roadways, fully autonomous trucks are right around the corner. Walmart announced this month it will use autonomous box trucks to make deliveries in Arkansas starting in 2021. The giant retailer has been working for 18 months with a company called Gatik on the pilot. Next year, the…

Posted By Legal Team | December 10 2020 | Firm News, Pedestrian Safety

Chicago Pedestrian Plan Aims to Make City Safest in Country for Urban Walkability

Over the past several years, Chicago has made considerable improvements to its streets and sidewalks as part of its plan to improve Chicagoan’s safety, connectivity, livability and health and ultimately make the Windy City the safest city in the country for pedestrians. The city’s first Chicago Pedestrian Plan, introduced in 2012 by the Chicago Department…

Posted By Legal Team | December 4 2020 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Knowing what to do after an accident is crucial for your recovery

Motor vehicle accidents happen in an instant, leaving you with injuries and complications that can change the course of your life. You may be in pain and facing a long recovery, but you may also be facing high medical bills, time off from work and loss of certain abilities you used to have. While it…

Posted By Legal Team | November 24 2020 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Can Built-In Animal Detection In Cars Save Lives?

Deer accidents are a serious threat in Illinois, particularly for drivers who travel in rural parts of the state or who commute to neighboring states like Wisconsin and Iowa. What if car safety technology could prevent these often-serious car accidents? In Illinois, you have a 1 in 144 chance of hitting a deer or other…

Posted By Legal Team | November 21 2020 | Birth Injuries, Firm News, Medical Malpractice

Retinopathy of Prematurity Can Lead to Baby Blindness If Not Treated Properly

Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) is a relatively common eye disease among premature and low birth weight infants. The second highest cause of blindness in children in America, it affects about 15,000 premature babies each year, with several hundred suffering complete or near-complete blindness. One of the most well-known people who lost his sight from ROP…

Posted By Legal Team | November 15 2020 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Over 13 Million Cars Were Recalled In First Half Of 2020

Deadly airbags, suspension issues, faulty transmissions, brake issues, electric battery fire problems. These are the among the safety problems plaguing auto manufacturers that resulted in 13 million car recalls during the first half of 2020. Vehicles are recalled when the manufacturer or the authorities establish that a car poses an unreasonable safety risk or fails…

Posted By Legal Team | November 5 2020 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s not impossible to avoid a head-on collision

Even minor fender benders can cause a rush of adrenaline and fear, but as the circumstances become more dangerous, so does the potential for severe injuries or death. One type of crash that tends to lean toward the more severe end of the spectrum and often involves at least one casualty is a head-on collision….

Posted By Legal Team | October 19 2020 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents More Common Than Any Other Type of Road Accident

Thousands of big-rig trucks are on the road at any given time, doing their job to deliver critical goods from coast to coast. Given their numbers and size, it’s hardly surprising that some 500,000 truck-related accidents occur each year and in fact, are more common than any other type of road accidents, according to the…

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