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Can Built-In Animal Detection In Cars Save Lives?

Posted By Legal Team | November 24 2020 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Deer accidents are a serious threat in Illinois, particularly for drivers who travel in rural parts of the state or who commute to neighboring states like Wisconsin and Iowa. What if car safety technology could prevent these often-serious car accidents?

In Illinois, you have a 1 in 144 chance of hitting a deer or other animal. While this isn’t as frightening as 1 in 57 in Wisconsin or 1 in 55 in Iowa, it is still a problem. These numbers are for collisions with animals only and do not include car accidents caused by trying to avoid a deer accident. Being hit by a driver who is swerving to avoid a deer is also a very real possibility.

What many drivers do not know is that some cars already feature technology that can detect large animals like deer in the vehicle’s path. According to an article from Wired, the tech can sound a warning to the driver and assist with braking to prevent collision. While people in deer-heavy areas already know the drill – be extra cautious at dawn and dusk, if you see one deer there are probably more, etc – this tech could still prove invaluable and save lives. Unfortunately, it is not currently widespread.

For now, drivers must remain diligent, especially in the later months of the year. Deer accident victims may be able to work with their insurer on a claim. Further, drivers who are hit by other drivers who were trying to evade a deer may be able to pursue compensation through a car accident claim. Speak to an accident attorney in Chicago today.

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