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How can cyclists stay safe on the road?

Posted By Legal Team | September 28 2021 | Bicycle Accidents, Firm News

For those who ride bikes, safety is always a pressing concern. Cyclists share the road with other types of vehicles, and they are especially vulnerable in an accident. Even with a helmet and other types of protective gear, even a low-speed impact can result in serious injuries for the individual on the bike. It is crucial for those who enjoy this activity to know how to stay as safe as reasonably possible while sharing space with larger and heavier vehicles.

Following the rules of the road and wearing a helmet are unfortunately not always enough to help one avoid a bike accident. Drivers may not care to respect the rights of cyclists, or they may not be paying attention to bikes traveling near their vehicles. Distraction, negligent driving and speeding are some of the most common reasons why these types of accidents happen.

Know how to protect yourself

If you are a cyclist, it is crucial to know how to protect yourself as much as possible. While you need to know the rules of the road for yourself, you will also have to remain constantly vigilant to the actions of other drivers. Some of the things you can do to be safe include the following:

  • Wear bright and reflective clothing, no matter when you are on the bike.
  • Travel slowly through intersections or high-traffic areas.
  • Wear blinking lights or a headlight in order to be as visible as possible.
  • Stay off the sidewalks, and use hand signals to let drivers know when you are turning.
  • Leave yourself enough space between your bike and the curb, as well as your bike and other vehicles.
  • Try to follow the same rules of the road you would follow if you were driving a vehicle.

Biking is an enjoyable and healthy activity, but it can also be risky. While you cannot control the actions of others, you can do things to lower the chance of an accident and make it easier to share the road with other types of vehicles.

What if you are in an accident?

If you are a cyclist who suffered harm in an accident caused by a reckless or negligent driver, you have options. You have the right to pursue damages and compensation through a civil claim, allowing you to secure what you need for a full and fair recovery. While legal action will not reverse your pain and suffering, it can provide you the opportunity to fight for justice and help you move forward after a traumatic event. Speak to a Chicago bicycle accident lawyer today to learn about your case.

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