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Intersection-related Crashes Should Be A Serious Concern To Drivers

Posted By Legal Team | January 11 2021 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Intersection-related car crashes are, or should be, a serious concern for everyone on the roads. Nationally, 40 percent of all crashes occur at intersections and are the second largest category of accidents, led only by rear-end collisions.

Crashes at intersections happen precisely because of their locations. When two or more roads cross each other, the mere act of turning left or right, or crossing over has the potential for conflicts and confusion resulting in crashes.

Add to that disobeying a traffic signal or failing to yield the right of way, and the chances of an accident increase significantly. Trying to get through the intersection on a yellow light and even unintentionally misjudging the traffic signal are all leading causes of car crashes.

Failing To Stop at a Red Light or Stop Sign

When a driver fails to stop at a red light or a stop sign, they enter the direct path of oncoming traffic. Drivers going in the opposite direction are often traveling too fast to react in time. The result can be a life-changing intersection car crash.

To some drivers, a yellow light is an invitation to speed up, not slow down. When a driver tries to make it through a yellow light, they increase the possibility of a crash. Right turns are not always allowed at an intersection, usually in instances where they pose the strong possibility of a crash. Too often, drivers turn right anyway. If a right turn is allowed on a red light, a driver turning right cannot lawfully impede traffic to make the turn.

Other causes of intersection accidents include defective or malfunctioning vehicle equipment, obstructed views, misjudgment of a situation, and distracted driving such as talking on your mobile phone or to a passenger in your vehicle.

Accidents with Catastrophic Injuries

Intersection crashes frequently result in injuries, some of which are catastrophic.

Catastrophic injuries may include severe burn injuries, brain and head injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputation, organ damage and loss of eyesight. Sometimes these injuries result in permanent disability when the victim will never recover and faces a bleak future where they cannot work or pay for their medical expenses. Future surgeries may be required, as well as extensive therapeutic or rehabilitative care that can last for months, years or even a lifetime.

An experienced injury attorney in Chicago their family seeks restitution for economic damages and damages for pain and suffering as the result of a serious auto accident. Medical costs need to be covered as well as future costs connected with medical expenses, projected loss of future income, and the value placed on the injured victim’s pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Lawyers at Smith LaCien LLP believe that when a car accident results in catastrophic injury or even death, the responsible parties should be held accountable for damages. We are committed to fighting aggressively to secure the financial future of injured persons and their families. If you believe you have a case, contact us today at [email protected].com or call (312) 509-8900.

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