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Chicago Wrongful Death at Hospital Lawyer 

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Experiencing the loss of a loved one due to potential medical errors or negligence at a hospital can be both devastating and overwhelming. In these moments, understanding your legal rights and options is crucial. Wrongful death claims in medical settings often arise from situations where medical professionals fail to meet the standard of care expected, leading to fatal outcomes.

The law firm of Smith LaCien specializes in handling these sensitive and complex cases, providing compassionate guidance and robust legal representation to ensure that justice is served for your family.

Why Choose Smith LaCien?

Smith LaCien has a distinguished track record in medical malpractice and wrongful death cases. Our wrongful death attorneys in Chicago bring decades of combined experience, deep legal acumen, and a personalized approach to each case. We understand the intricacies of medical laws and standards, which positions us uniquely to handle your case effectively.

At Smith LaCien, our injury lawyers in Chicago prioritize your needs and emotional well-being. We handle each case with sensitivity and confidentiality, ensuring your family receives the support it needs during this difficult time.

Our firm has secured substantial settlements and verdicts that reflect our commitment to achieving justice for our clients. We strive to advocate for your legal rights, bring about accountability, and prevent future negligence.

Understanding Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death

Medical malpractice represents a serious breach of patients’ trust in their healthcare providers. It occurs when a healthcare professional, through action or omission, deviates from the accepted standards of practice in the medical community and causes injury or death to a patient. Common forms of medical malpractice that can lead to wrongful death include:

  • Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis: Failing to recognize, or incorrectly diagnosing a serious disease can lead to a lack of necessary treatment and, ultimately, to patient death.
  • Surgical Errors: These can range from operating on the wrong body part to leaving surgical instruments inside a patient or performing an incorrect procedure.
  • Improper Treatment: Administering the wrong treatment or an inappropriate procedure that leads to a patient’s deterioration rather than improvement.
  • Failure to Diagnose: Missing the early signs of a fatal condition, which, if recognized, could have been treatable.
  • Pharmaceutical Errors: This could include prescribing or administering incorrect medication dosages or drugs that cause harmful interactions.
  • Anesthesia Errors: Mistakes in anesthesia application, such as dosage errors or failure to monitor the patient’s vital signs, can be fatal.

Victims’ families are often entitled to compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages, loss of companionship, and emotional distress. Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys ensure that your case is thoroughly evaluated to advocate for the maximum compensation.

How We Can Help

Smith LaCien meticulously investigates every aspect of your case, working closely with medical experts and utilizing the latest legal strategies. We are committed to transparent communication, keeping you informed at every step of the legal process.

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Losing a loved one due to medical negligence is an irreplaceable loss. However, you don’t have to face this challenge alone. Contact Smith LaCien today to schedule a free consultation, during which we can discuss your case and outline the best steps forward. Let us help you fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. Reach out to us at (312) 509-8900 or use our online form because your family’s peace of mind is our highest priority.

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