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Product Recalls Often Means Serious Safety Issues

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Firm News

Ford Issues Recall on Two Models Due to Faulty Brakes

Product recalls need to be taken very seriously. When faulty automobile equipment malfunctions, it can have disastrous consequences. If not corrected, the malfunctions can lead to accidents and serious injuries or even death.

One of the latest recalls is the 2015 to 2018 Ford Edge and the 2016 to 2018 Lincoln MKX. If you have either of those models, you should know they may have faulty brakes that need repair. Ford issued a recall for 488,594 of those models, whose affected front brake jounce hose can rupture and lead to brake fluid leaking. This could possibly cause longer brake-pedal travel and increase the risk of a crash. Ford said that car owners can bring their vehicles to a dealer who will replace the brake hose with one made of a different material.

At Smith LaCien, our lawyers have considerable experience handling faulty equipment malfunctions for clients, including the ongoing Takata Ford recalls of over 30 million vehicles to replace air bag inflators. The Takata air bag inflators can explode and hurl shrapnel. The recall is the largest in U.S. automotive history.

Accident Investigations Are Critical

Any serious injury accident caused by faulty equipment should be investigated to determine potential negligence claims. The manufacturer or a repair/maintenance shop could be at fault. Lawyers who handle product liability claims such as Smith & LaCien should be contacted to assist in any investigations.

Signs of Faulty Brakes

One of most common types of equipment failures leading to car accidents are the brakes.

The signs you may have faulty brakes are two-fold:

  1. You hear scraping or grinding when you apply the brakes, and
  2. You notice that you have to push the pedal nearer the floor to get your car to slow down.

If this happens, get your brakes checked. Don’t risk not being able to stop when you need to.

Motorists have the right to expect that the vehicles they drive will perform safely, and in most cases, they do. However, tires can blow out, brakes can fail, and air bags can deploy unnecessarily leading to serious injuries or death. Don’t take any chances. Stay safe out there.

Lawyers at Smith LaCien LLP believe that when faulty motor vehicle equipment malfunctions, causing accidents and injuries, responsible parties should be held accountable, and injured victims are entitled to fair and full compensation. If you’ve been in a serious accident and think you may have a case, contact us today at [email protected] or call (312)  815-6455.